First I want to say that a more appropriate title for my blog would be “Regretful Mama.”  This change may happen soon if I figure out how to change it.  I wanted to start this blog for myself.  That’s the truth.  If it helps others in any way…that’s great.  I would love to know if it helps, if you can relate, or if you have any advice for a given situation, topic of discussion, regret, etc. that I may be facing.  Sometimes you just have all these thoughts that you just need to get them out.  About me: I’m a tired mama like most people.  I have 2 little ones under the age of 3 (a toddler and baby).  I will not forget to mention my husband who is my partner in this crazy life and let’s face it…he helps contribute to the craziness and other times helps ease the craziness.  I know I do the same to him.  Currently, I’m on maternity leave and trying to figure out life.  That sums it up for now.