Building your child’s self-esteem

How do you build your child’s self-esteem when you are still trying to build your own?  You can research tips online or in books I’m sure, but this is a personal experience/struggle. I find that like many things…people who experienced self-esteem issues in childhood try to make an effort in preventing these issues with their own children or unfortunately follow the same pattern.  I am trying really hard to build the self-esteem of my children, yet disciplining them in a respectful way I guess you could say. I know that many people have their ideas on discipline, but I am just sharing my feelings/experience.  To really figure out your own issues takes a lot of courage and work.  Teaching your child that what you think about yourself and having confidence in yourself is most important.  I feel too many times we value too much what others think of us and that way of thinking can either make us feel positive or negative.

I had dinner tonight with a couple of coworkers. One is very pleasant to work with while the other has a very abrupt, pushy personality.  I probably reflect more on why people behave the way they than most people.  I wonder if hidden behind this aggressive personality is really a little insecure person. I wonder if this all stems from childhood which in most cases it does. Sometimes though you can have the “best” parenting and things just don’t turn out as you plan.

I guess we try our best as parents and hope for the best. How do you build your child’s self-esteem?

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