Going back to work…

A decision has been made. I’m going back to work after a couple of years “off.”  My emotions are mixed. Some excitment, some anxiety, some sadness, some happiness, etc. At least I have a plan now. That takes away some stress. As long as my kids are okay, I’m okay.

It’s a tough decision deciding what to do, especially those early years. As a mom, I hear a lot of different opinions and comments from family, friends, and strangers.

Some comments….

They are only little once

You make it work (if staying home)

oh…you’re going back to work

You don’t want other people raising your kids

how are you going to do it

you must be overwhelmed

good luck

Perhaps you are a single parent. I give a lot of credit and empathy if you are raising your children on your own.  That is tough, especially having to leave them to go to work and then be everything to them when you are home from work.  You may say that’s what a parent does and I say that is true, but in my eyes…you deserve an award. That is hard work.

It can be hard even having a spouse or partner living with you and your children, but who is not really present. Sometimes that can be worse than being alone. Someone who is not mentally present is very hurtful especially when it involves children.

Whatever your situation, deciding to go back to work can be a difficult decision. Maybe you have no choice and you have to work.  The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? You think that staying home would be this amazing experience or going to work outside of work is wonderful, but I believe everything is about your outlook.  The bottom line, no matter if we stay home or go to work…our kids will be okay.  Children of stay at home parents and working parents have turned out just fine. These are my observations. I haven’t done a personal study, but the point is…Life is too short to worry about everything and life can be dang hard. We have our breakdowns, but we try to keep going for our children…that’s how I feel.

I wish you all the best whether you are at home, working outside the home, or part-time.

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