When you don’t have a village to raise your kids

I often hear it takes a village to raise kids, but what happens when you don’t have a village? The village is you and only you. The truth is…I have my husband that plays an active role in the needs of our children when he can, but he himself is overwhelmed. I have some support from him before work and after work, but being at home everyday makes me want to scream sometimes.

I have very high respect for single parents because even though I don’t have a village of support I have something. Sometimes it does feel like single parenting, but compared to others I have it good.

I just wanted to tell single parents that I acknowledge what you do and how hard it is to raise children on your own. You are amazing!  I know that you don’t need my acknowledgement, but for whatever it’s worth I think it takes a strong parent to do what you do.

I’m going back to work soon and my village will be daycare. I have no choice. I just have to make the time that I have with my children mean something. I wish I had family to help me out, but that is not an option for me.

So what do you do with no support or limited support? What do you tell yourself? How do you keep going?

I wish my blog had the answers, but maybe some of you parents out there can weigh in.

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