Why I dislike pediatricians…(not all)

I recently had a visit to the pediatrician’s office.  Going there reminded me of why I hate going…

1.) Dumb questions to be answered on the spot…

okay…maybe they are not dumb questions, but if you are going to give me a 10 month questionnaire, can I take it home to answer? I don’t know if my baby can find a cheerio in a bottle. I don’t know all of my baby’s sounds. Can she move one object from one hand to another? Probably.  Am I a bad mom for not knowing the answer to all these questions?

2.) You make me feel stupid and crazy doc…

If I ask you if something is normal, then I’m probably concerned about it. Watch your tone when you respond to me doc. I’m a new parent and even if I had 5 kids, maybe this issue is new. I don’t need a doctor patronizing me.

3.) You really don’t treat my kid like your own…

if you did, I wouldn’t have had to change offices because you failed to refer me to a specialist for something that you should have caught. I understand people make mistakes, but when a parent brings up issues perhaps you should monitor the concern,

4.) I don’t trust you…

This goes with number 3.  I now question everything that you say.  We need to build a relationship again.

So…I know that there are wonderful pediatricians out there, so this is nothing against these doctors. This is my experience. That’s it. Any bad experiences with your pediatrician?

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