Have you ever just felt so exhausted that you were paralyzed? Yes, I know…it’s called parenting.  Sometimes I forget what it’s like to just sit on the couch and watch tv eating chips and guac.  Oh how I miss those Lifetime movies. Yes I love my children…probably too much if that’s a thing.  I feel guilty saying I miss Lifetime movies when I have two little gems. Crazy…I know. I should just get over it and live a little. Chips here I come! We will see how it goes.

How about when you pull up to your driveway and sit because undoing your seatbelt and walking in your house takes too much energy? I know that this exhaustion happens to people without children as well, but having to unbuckle and carry two little people in somehow makes it just soooo beyond exhausting. I know someone reading this may be like, why are you complaining? I’m not…I’m just saying. Then to have to make dinner or do laundry…I’m done! That is life though. I know people have it much worse.

It’s taken me over 3 days to write this post. If my posts are all over the place, I apologize. I’m not going to pretend I have it all together. My two little ones were napping and now one is up and the other one is going to get up. I’m still exhausted. I took a quick ten minute “nap” while I was holding my 8 month old. I kept telling myself to get up so I can do things around my house.  One day I’ll clean my house…one day!

I feel I should just end here because I could just ramble about being so unenergetic!


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