Parenting classes

My husband and I couldn’t wait to sign up for parenting classes.  I couldn’t believe it! After all this time of dreaming for a baby, we were finally going to classes for our baby.  The anticipation of him was so exciting. I couldn’t wait to learn about what labor and birth were going to be like  or how to take care of this little angel. I took so many notes.  I wanted to be great at parenting right from the start. After all, I’ve waited a while for this and I was not going to mess it up. My baby was going to be the best baby.  My baby was going to smile and sleep well. My baby and I were going to connect in a deep level as I breastfed.  My husband and I were going to be so happy. Happy times were our way.  Uh…yea…that’s exactly the way it happened. Not!

I want to say that I have never taken my children for granted, but those parenting classes do not prepare you for the REAL deal and I know that nothing prepares you more than experience, but what about telling parents how very hard it will be? What about it taking you an hour to get your baby to sleep and then your baby maybe sleeps an hour if you are lucky, and then your baby feeds for an hour and then it takes you an hour to get your baby to sleep. Your nipples are cracked and your baby is sucking your blood. No, it was not my latch (that’s a different blog!) Or how about your baby screaming like crazy and you constantly walking and bouncing him around?! Or how about you being afraid to go out in public because you are not sure when he is going to have a break down or how about you driving around for naps and sitting in your car for your baby to fall asleep so you can sit in peace for a little until he wakes up from a sleep cycle and then you start driving again to get him to go back to sleep?!

But wait…I learned how to change a diaper in my parenting class. Okay, that is not fair…I learned much more, but my point is that I would have preferred some more honestly about the newborn/infant stage. Perhaps your baby was not like this or the teachers teaching the class had “easy” babies. All I know is life got crazy and extra stressful during this time.

Of course I love my babies, but wow…it was a crazy ride!

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