Even though my initial thought was that my blog would be relatable to other mothers…I feel that perhaps it may be relatable to anyone with thoughts of the unknown…of life. Even the simplest things in life can be scary.  We (I’m) always told to live in the present and I know I don’t always do that…well I actually don’t do that very often. My mind is always racing and I’m thinking about what I did in the past. I’m usually thinking about what I should have done differently in so many situations. For example, since I wrote about my son’s sleep in my past posts, I will focus on this topic. I know I could have done things differently and maybe we would have had a different experience. Now I think about the future and how I fear the mistakes that I will make with him and my daughter.  Sleep is just part of it. What if I change who they were meant to be? Will I discipline them “correctly?” Will I love them too much? Too little? The future is unknown and that gives me anxiety. I’m still working on my journey of living in the present.

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