So it started out bumpy for my son and I even from birth.  Being in labor for 20+ hours and then ending up with a c-section with a screaming baby for months and months is not how I really imagined motherhood to be.  I know…I know…some would ask, What did you think it would be like?”  Maybe a little crying and some rough nights, but this was extreme.  I held this little boy for hours.  I drove him around like crazy for all his naps.  To add to that I hardly had any support.  Depression was right around the corner.  That’s another story though.

I sleep trained.  I stopped bouncing as much, slowly cut out the swaddle and the paci.  A few months later, I couldn’t take the crying from not having the paci so the paci came back.  My son is persistent and I just didn’t have the strength to fight him on this.  There is only so much screaming and crying one can take.  I felt bad for him and myself.  The paci was a big sleep association for him.  He would cry when it would fall out, but it was a better choice than constantly crying.  Basically, with time he became a really great sleeper.  We were strict with a schedule and that really helped him.  We had an early bedtime and that also helped all of us.  This whole sleep training/coaching thing is crazy.  Did I mention we hired a sleep coach too?!  Fun stuff!

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