nap time

Nap time…the best part of the day.  Looking at the monitor as your baby or toddler sleeps and finally you can take a breath.  You think to yourself, What can I get done during this precious time? or you have no plan and just sit.  My favorite is when I actually plan on napping as well.  Sometimes your plan works out, but then you hear the cry of your baby or your toddler calling out to you. Ugh!

Nap time didn’t used to be my favorite time.  You see…my first born did not like to nap unless it was in our arms bounced around and I mean BOUNCED or a car ride.  Initially, he would scream in the car for months, but then he would nap in there.  I would drive around until he fell asleep and then go to the drive thru Chick-fil-A or Panera and park and sit for a while.  If my little guy did not nap during the day, he would be so fussy!  I did whatever I could do to get him to nap.

*Coming soon…how he finally napped!

Nap time part 2

So it started out bumpy for my son and I even from birth.  Being in labor for 20+ hours and then ending up with a c-section with a screaming baby for months and months is not how I really imagined motherhood to be.  I know…I know…some would ask, What did you think it would be like?”  Maybe a little crying and some rough nights, but this was extreme.  I held this little boy for hours.  I drove him around like crazy for all his naps.  To add to that I hardly had any support.  Depression was right around the corner.  That’s another story though.

I sleep trained.  I stopped bouncing as much, slowly cut out the swaddle and the paci.  A few months later, I couldn’t take the crying from not having the paci so the paci came back.  My son is persistent and I just didn’t have the strength to fight him on this.  There is only so much screaming and crying one can take.  I felt bad for him and myself.  The paci was a big sleep association for him.  He would cry when it would fall out, but it was a better choice than constantly crying.  Basically, with time he became a really great sleeper.  We were strict with a schedule and that really helped him.  We had an early bedtime and that also helped all of us.  This whole sleep training/coaching thing is crazy.  Did I mention we hired a sleep coach too?!  Fun stuff!